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Face Shield Mask factory
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Telescopic Tool price
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  bathroom cabinets wall suppliers
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About Usbathroom cabinets wall suppliers


  Carbonated Drink Filling Machine suppliers
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Product Description:
The series Soda drink filling machine adopts bottle neck holding transmission technology to realize fully automatic bottle rinsing, Soda drink filling and cap screwing. It employs isobaric filling technology from Germany. It is equipped with CO2 accuracy pressure control, so that the liquid level is always stable. The application of alarm devices for bottle jam, bottle shortage, bottle damage, cap shortage, over loading etc. in several places ensure the quality of its production. The machine obtains advantages of high reliability, high efficiency, high grade of automation and easy operation etc.
Cola, Sprite, Soda, speaking water, cocktail, flavored water...the variety of carbonated beverages is ever-changing. New trends, new products, and new packaging are emerging continuously. For carbonated filling machines, no matter what products, our filling Machine will achieve your target with the best technology.
1. It can carry out bottle washing filling and capping in one machine.
2. The whole machine designing is reasonable. The appearance is beautiful and the maintenance is convenient.
3. It adopts bottleneck blocking type conveying-bottle structure to make changing bottle model more convenient, faster and easier.
4. Most advantage isobaric filling technology is installed in this machine to guarantee the filling effect.
5. The main machine adopts advanced PLC control technology. The key electric elements are adopting international famous products.
Technical Specifications:
Washing Heads1418243240
Filling Heads1218243240
Caping Heads6681012
Filling Precision鈮?5mm鈮?5mm鈮?5mm鈮?5mm鈮?5mm
Wight Kg25003500480056006500
>Carbonated Drink Filling Machine suppliers


  Wholesale Silicone Engine Intake Hose
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Ningbo Tiandai Auto Parts Co.,Ltd, established at 2014, is a professional factory which is specialized in manufacturing all types of silicone hoses used in Car, Truck, Motorcycle and other machines. Factory is located in Ningbo city which is the geographical center of the Yangtze River Delta Economic Circle, and Ningbo port is the 2nd largest port in China. The transportation is very convenient, which is 148 kilometers from Shanghai in the north, 138 kilometers from Hangzhou in the west.
Company aim to provide the best quality silicone hoses in performance and share a whole heap of technical knowledge as well. We offer a range of turbo, coolant and ancillary silicone hoses in either complete car kits or in universal form for the custom application. In recent years, with the development of new energy vehicles our product Food-grade silicone hose is more widely used in the Hydrogen Fuel cell Vehicle. At present, we have 8 series, more than 600 kinds of hoses which are sold to domestic and overseas market.
Company always adhere to the "Quality first, Service paramount, Technology innovation" corporate purposes, Execute relevant quality management system strictly, Do our best efforts to provide best services to all the customers.Wholesale Silicone Engine Intake Hose


  China Glass Lining Plate Condenser
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Our History
Zibo tongde import and export co., LTD is affiliated to shandong tongde chemical equipment co., LTD. The company covers an area of 16,000 square meters and has 23 years of development history since its establishment. The company has 123 employees, including 15 technicians (2 senior engineers, 6 intermediate titles).
Our Factory
Our company has strong technical force, complete production equipment, perfect testing means and advanced technology. The products are manufactured in strict accordance with the relevant national standards to ensure that the qualified rate of the products reaches 100%. In 2010, it obtained the manufacturing license of D1D2 pressure vessel.The company adheres to the traditional culture of "the way of Confucius and mencius" in shandong, and establishes its own company philosophy of "going through thousands of miles, virtue world, people-oriented, hand in hand.Let us work together on the road of cooperation and seek common development, beauty belongs to me, but also more belong to you.
Our Product
K type enameled glass reactor, F type enameled glass reactor, electrically heated enameled glass reactor, enameled glass storage tank, stirrer, valve, seal, enameled glass condenser, enameled glass double cone dryer, chemical raw materials products, crafts, bearings, chemical equipment accessories, etc.
Product Application
Chemical, petroleum, pharmaceutical, pesticides, food additives, dyes and other industries.
Production Equipment
There are 3 submerged arc automatic welding machines, 10 gas shielded welding machines, 2 plate coiling machines (with the maximum capacity of 40mm), 1 CNC cutting machine, 1 steel billet automatic polishing machine and 3 honing furnaces with multiple patented technologies.Processing capacity 50l-50000l, stainless steel polishing equipment 2, stainless steel pickling passivation equipment 1 set.
Production Market
Our products are exported to Korea, Vietnam, India, Pakistan, etc
Our Service
In order to better serve customers and improve the quality of our products, the company has established a special after-sales service team.From on-site guidance of installation and debugging of equipment transmission system to problem feedback processing and after-sales quality and service tracking, there is a complete and fast process, so as to solve problems for customers faster and better.China Glass Lining Plate Condenser


  N95 Mask manufacturers
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NameN95 particulate respirator mask
FeaturesNon Woven, anti-virus,Earloops Masks ,6 Layers
Items Per Package10 pieces/box
StandardNIOSH certified
UsageMedical/industrial/ourdoor Prevention
ApplicationPersonal anti virus dust protection,industry use,PM2.5 protection
Port of LoadingShenzhen
ShippingBy UPS,FEDEX,DHL,TNT,by air or by sea
Function and ApplicationConvenience products for workshop, hospital, food industry or daily use.
Low breathing resistance and high filtration efficiency.
Three layers of non-woven fabric ensure filtration and absorption of a certain amount of harmful industrial dust.
Non-woven lace can easily tie and secure the mask to your face.
Economic price for one-time use.
MOQ for Private label500 pcs
Our Advantage1. More than 10 years manufacturing experience
2. Professional team of R&D and complete service
3. Strong production capacity and fast delivery
4. Factory price: Offer the most competitive price
NoteStore this product in a cool and dry place, avoid direct sunlight, stay away from places that children can contact, and avoid eye contact. If you have allergies to this product, please stop using and consult a doctor.
1. 6-ply protection,highly breathable
2. Adjustable nosepiece, earloops
3. The higher fluid resistant layer,extra soft.Designed specifically for people with sensitive skin,the better the protection from exposure to blood and splash/spray/spatter. (Fluid resistant layer meet ASTM F1862)
4. Flammability Class 1
5. PFE>99%,BFE>99%,Delta<5.0,H20/cm2
6. Sterilized by ethylene oxide
1. What is your usual sample time and cost?
Sampling time: 3 days. Sample fee: Free sample, you only pay for the freight.
2. How do you ensure quality?
Strict raw material inspection procedures, online inspection, finished product inspection, CQI inspection. All processes are strictly controlled according to the HACCP plan.
3. How many kinds of product do you have?
* Disposable Non-woven Face Mask
* N95 Respirator Face Mask
* KN95 Respirator Face Mask
* Kids Cute Face Mask
4. What is your MOQ?
5. Do you have your own brand and can you supply OEM service?
Yes, we have. OEM and ODM are also available.
6. What quality inspection standards do you have for your products?
There are domestic N95 standards, we can test any other standards, welcome to communicate with us! If you have any questions, please feel free to leave us a message!N95 Mask manufacturers


  Liquid Argon Cylinder
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鈽匫ur History
鈥?In 1986, heze kao high pressure container experimental plant of shandong academy of sciences was established.
鈥?In 1993, he ze kao high pressure container co., LTD.
鈥?In 1995, obtained the earliest class D manufacturing qualification in the same industry in shandong province.
鈥?In 1998, entered the refrigeration market and produced the first refrigeration auxiliary equipment.
鈥?In 2003, heze boiler factory was acquired.
鈥?In 2005, obtained A2 design and manufacturing qualification in the same year.
鈥?In 2008, the first 30m low-temperature liquid oxygen storage tank left the factory.
鈥?In 2009, a new plant at no. 766 lanzhou road was put into operation, with an added capacity of 13,000 tons per year.
鈥?In 2011, heze kao container cryogenic products served China aerospace toray rocket base.
鈥?In 2012, heze kao was listed in the procurement list of China national offshore oil corporation.
鈥?In August 2012, the company established the environmental protection research and development department.
鈥?In 2013, the first 260-kilogram ultra-high pressure container was delivered.
鈥?In March 2014, 766 lanzhou road added 25 mu of land.
鈥?In July 2014, heze kao pipeline equipment installation co., LTD.
鈥?In November 2015, our company successfully completed the Chinese space experiment module.
鈥?In November 2015, strategic investment was made in beihai rural bank co., LTD.
鈥?In December 2015, internal environmental protection r&d department was independently established as shandong new danone environmental protection technology co., LTD.
鈥?In 2015, the output value was 130 million yuan, 11600T, and 2168 sets of products were completed in December.
鈥?In 2016, A1 design certificate replacement was completed in June, and A1 manufacturing certificate replacement was completed in July.
鈥?In January 2017, invested in heze rongbang private financing registration service co., LTD.
鈽匫ur Factory
In 1986, the company was founded in heze, shandong.
Heze kao pressure vessel co., LTD. (heze kao for short), established 34 years ago, insists on deep cultivation of container manufacturing, has built shandong province cryogenic container and cryogenic equipment research center, large-scale chemical equipment manufacturing base, specializing in the production of liquefied gas storage tank, cryogenic storage tank, refrigeration auxiliary machinery and environmental protection equipment. Company is located in the city of peony heze city high-tech economic and technological development zone, is located in longhai economic zone and the big jingjiu economy cooperation with two economic belt interchange, east and west, south and the industrial transfer in the front position, and the level of jinan, Qingdao modern transport hub, is in the central plains economic zone and the silk road economic belt two important node location of national strategy.
Current head office sets of heze peony district kao pipeline equipment installation co., LTD., heze emperor youzhu of northern qi and natural gas energy co., LTD and shandong new danone environmental protection technology co., LTD., a wholly owned subsidiary of three, in addition the northern village bank equity investment co., LTD., heze melt folk financing registration service co., LTD., etc. Several companies. The company has developed into a design, manufacturing, production and installation as one of the group companies, involving machinery manufacturing, finance, service, environmental protection and other industries.
The company has the design and manufacturing qualification of A1\A2 pressure vessel issued by the general administration of quality supervision, inspection and quarantine, and the qualification of GB2/GC2 pressure pipeline installation. It was successfully listed in Shanghai stock exchange on August 21, 2015. The company covers an area of 143,000 square meters and has more than 480 employees, including 8 senior engineers, 15 engineers, 5 doctors, 9 master students, 4 certified quality assurance engineers, 43 certified senior welding technicians, 4 pressure vessel design A audit personnel, 7 nondestructive testing personnel, and 3 certified physical and chemical personnel. The lifting capacity is up to 160 tons, the maximum cold coil is 120mm, the whole heat treatment furnace is 4.4mx5.5mx25m, the paint room is one, two sets of large diffusion pumps, argon arc (GTAW), submerged arc (SAW), CO2 protective welding (MIG) machine and other automatic welding machines are complete; Testing equipment, X-ray, ultrasonic, magnetic particle flaw detector, hydraulic universal testing machine, carbon and sulfur analyzer, pendulum impact testing machine, impact projector, spectrophotometer, helium simple leak detector, etc.
鈽匫ur Product
1. Design, manufacture and installation of A1/A2 non-standard pressure vessels, heat exchangers, towers and stirring reaction equipment.
2. Design, manufacture, installation and general contracting services of LNG/ liquid oxygen/liquid nitrogen/liquid argon/liquid carbon dioxide and other low-temperature storage tanks, large low-temperature storage tanks, LNG filling stations, gasification stations and centralized gas supply projects.
3. Design, manufacture, installation and other services of ammonia refrigeration auxiliary equipment and cold storage at low and normal temperature.
4. Design, manufacture and installation of titanium, zirconium, nickel, bidirectional steel, haas alloy and other non-ferrous metal equipment.
5. Design, manufacture and installation of GB2/GC2 pressure pipes and pressure vessels.
鈽匬roduct Application
Nuclear power equipment, oil equipment, chemical equipment, Marine special equipment, pressure vessel (A1, A2), pressure pipes, refrigeration equipment, machinery, electrical equipment, environmental equipment and relevant instruments and meters, accessories design, manufacture, sales, maintenance and technical advisory services more intelligent three-dimensional garage, intelligent hardware machinery and equipment research and development, manufacture, promotion; Technology development, technology transfer, technology consultation and service in the field of metal products, chemical products, new energy and new materials
鈽匬roduction Market
Our clients are:
China aerospace science and technology corporation, institute of physics, Chinese academy of sciences, cnooc, sinopec, China huadian, yanchang petroleum, shengli group, dongming petrochemical, yingde gas, meisel, fazikong, linde, praxair, tsingtao beer, jinluo food, mengniu, China resources, shougang, yankuang group and other domestic and foreign enterprise customers.
鈽匫ur Service
1. The company establishes files and service CARDS for users and visits users regularly or irregularly.
2. As for the feedback of users' quality information, the after-sales service department of the supplier shall respond within one hour. If on-site service is required, the seller shall immediately prepare maintenance materials and tools after receiving the direct and accurate information from the buyer, and shall arrive at the site within 24 hours to solve the problem.
3. During the quality guarantee period, the seller shall repair or replace the tank free of charge if there is any quality problem caused by the seller's design, manufacture or other reasons; After the warranty period is expired, the service charges only the cost of repair or replacement, providing the buyer with a lifetime of service.
4. The after-sales service department of the seller shall have a quality tracking card for each equipment provided by the seller to the buyer, which shall keep a detailed record of the equipment purchased by the buyer and the repair and maintenance of the equipment, so as to facilitate our understanding of the use of the buyer and the quality tracking of the products sold by us.
5. The after-sales service department of the seller shall visit or petition the buyer from time to time every year to listen to the buyer's Suggestions and opinions on our products and services, so that we can improve the quality of products and services and better serve the buyer.
6. The seller shall provide free vacuum test of the storage tank for life, and guarantee the welding seam of the storage tank for life.Liquid Argon Cylinder


  Foam Roller
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Product Introduction
Yoga Exercise Roller,The Medium Density Eva Foam Massage Roller is designed to target painful trigger point areas to help sooth muscular pain and discomfort.
Ideal for a wide variety of stretching and massage techniques our EVA foam roller can help improve stability, balance and flexibility, increase blood circulation.
Simply roll the targeted body area over the foam roller to target and relieve tense painful muscles.
5 sizes available
30cm x 15cm
45cm x 15cm
60cm x 15cm
90cm x 15cm
Manufactured to a high standard the medium density foam roller is a versatile, easy-to-use product designed with practicality, portability and easy storage in mind.
Crafted from high-density foam, rollers are hard wearing and robust which are ideal for both home and commercial use.
The soft-textured surface means that they are extremely comfortable to use. Furthermore, the EVA foam itself resists moisture and bacteria making foam rollers a hygienic and practical choice.
The colour insert features instructional graphics to show how to use the foam roller.
Product Parameter (specification)
Product NameYoga Exercise Roller
Place of OriginChina
Brand NameGold-Peace
ColorCustomized color
UsageHome Exercise,Yoga exercise,Pilates exercise
MaterialEVA Foam
LogoCustomized Logo Available
TypeBody Building Fitness Equipment
PackingOpp Bag + Carton
FunctionBody Building
MOQ300 pcs
Product feature and application
The Medium Density Foam Roller is designed to target specific trigger point areas to help relieve muscular aches and pains.
Helps relieve tension, improve stability and flexibility and boost circulation. Ideal for stretching, massage and core strength.
Super high-density EVA foam. Soft textured surface. Lightweight, portable, wipe clean.
Suitable for Intermediate to Professional users. Home or gym use.
Ideal for general fitness, sports rehabilitation, physiotherapy, Self Myofascial Release (SMR) Pilates and Yoga.
Production Details
Different Pattern for customer selection
1) 2 in 1 Hollow column foam roller, main size is 33*15cm;
2) Grid Eva foam roller, 5 sizes for selections, 15cmx30cm/45cm/60cm/90cm/100cm
3) Vibrating Foam Roller, size is 31*14.5*14.5cm, 4 speed for selection.
Product Qualification
1. Why choose us?
Professional EVA foam consultant EVA foam series product; 8 years export experience; Most competitive factory price with good and stable quality; Small MOQ for starting business relationship; Free sample to check quality; Meet safety standard for Europe and USA with EN71-3, SGS, CE; Special technology on foam manufacture; Accept trade assurance orders to protect buyer; On-time delivery.
2. Why is merits on quality?
Each part of our product and packing will be tested by professional QC for ensuring that no inferior-quality products be sold. All materials we use are provided by large international suppliers for assuring the goods' safety and stability. Our products have passed the professional test of America and Europe.
3. What is MOQ?
The test orders or less quantity are available for us.
4. How to get a sample?
Current samples can be provided for free under the freight collect. Customized samples, please contact us for sample cost.
5. What is the company capacity?
At least 500000sets for OEM brand monthly.
6. What is sample time and delivery time?
Existing sample: 2-3days; Customized sample: 7-12days; Production time: 20-25days upon received the deposit.
7. How to ship?
Sea freight, Air freight, Courier. Cheapest way is by sea.
8. How to place order?
Discussing and confirming the details with seller; (Free existing samples be sent for checking quality) Signing the sale contract; Arranging payment for deposit; Customized Sample making for confirmed before mass production; After sample confirmed, mass production star; Goods were finished and arrange the shipping, buyer arrange the balance.Foam Roller


  Face Shield Mask factory
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Materials: High-quality PET + sponge material, anti-fog and anti-static coating treatment, clear and double-sided anti-fog effect. (Protect eyes, nose and mouth.)
Comfortable: Wrap-around design, full coverage, soft skin-friendly 3cm latex sponge in contact with the skin, the rope is flexible and comfortable to wear
Premium Design: High-quality optically and distortion-free 7mm Polyester film. Treated with anti-fog and antistatic coating. Clear for maximum visibility
Professional protection: This face shield is helpful to protect the eyes, nose, and mouth from aerosols, sprays, and splatters, professional disposable medical protective mask
Product Features
ItemFace shield
Colorone color or full color, CYMK or Pantone
Featuredurable, colorful, convenient, recyclable, environmental friendly, waterproof
Advantage1. help to enhance product image
2. make product attractive and impressive
3. help to promote product sales
Sample time1-3days
Delivery time7-15days
Factory LocatedShenzhen, China
Our Advantages
1. All goods produced by ourselves, we provide one-stop services from designing, printing to processing. Customers can provide the design according to your requests and samples making, also we can advise how to make the box according customers' target prices.
2. After sales service provided. We will proceed after the goods delivery and keep a close concern with you.
The pictures relevant to this product have been provided for reference only. We do not have any intellectual property rights over the trademark(s) displayed, and are not selling any products containing this/ these marks.
OEM/ ODM Service
Free sample service
Direct factory, Competitive price
Quality control
Custom packaging service
Quick responseFace Shield Mask factory


  Telescopic Tool price
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Product specification
Manners Technology Co., Ltd. is located in Shenzhen, China. We can provide high-precision CNC machining services such as customized hardware, medical needle, telescopic tube, mechanical accessories, etc., and has ISO, SGS certification. We鈥檙e a firm-united team of experienced engineers, machinists, and technical consultants, who commit to helping solve problems relative to manufacturing precision and complex machined parts, including product costing, quality, assembly service, etc.
Product nameStainless Steel Telescopic Rod with rubber handle
materialAluminum Alloy,Brass, stainless steel, steel, etc.
Surface TreatmentAnodizing, Sandblasting, Painting, Powder coating, Plating, Silk Printing, Brushing, Polishing, Laser Engraving
Machining OptionTurning, grinding, milling, welding, bending, drilling, swaging, flaring, slot-cutting, stamping, deep-drawing, capping, beveling, etc.
Leg Sections3-6 or customer's requirement
Tube ShapeCustom round, oval, square, rectangular
Custom featureAccording to your 2D/3D Drawing or sample provided
PackageStandard carton or according to customer's requirement
CertificationISO9001:2015, SGS
Our Service
We have a professional CNC machining team, which can meet your needs for products machining production production. We provide a series of services from product production to product packaging, greatly improving work efficiency, reduce time waste.
Our Certification
Packing & Delivery
Contact Details:
Our products are exported to many countries, such as the United States, Canada, Germany, Britain, Switzerland, Australia, etc. We are warm welcome and we will take care for the every inquiry .we always aimed to trace the customer first, quality first!Telescopic Tool price


Corazón Tarot Del Amor
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Lo que quiere tu Corazón lo espera y lo desea tu Alma.Imagina un Arcoiris.Brillante.Porque eso eres justamente tú.Un Alma Cristalina.Tarot Romántico.Es hora de Vivir el Amor.806008220 42 céntimos minuto desde tlf fijo 79 céntimos minuto desde tlf móvil.984041003 Pago mediante tarjeta de crédito o débito 15 minutos 7 euros 30 minutos 12 euros 40 minutos 17 euros.Servicio Prestado Por M. Martínez.

[Imagen: amoros11.jpg]


unvidente.comTarot 806
806 533 561
unvidente.comTarot Visa y PayPal
919 991 039
unvidente.comUSA, Canadá, Pto. Rico
unvidente.comTarot Argentina
+54 (11) 52198820
unvidente.comTarot México
+52 (55) 85266010
unvidente.comResto del Mundo
+34 919 991 039