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CNC Machining Parts Process Expert on China

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XTJ , Professional and Well-Experienced in CNC Machining Parts
As a professional manufacturer, we are fully equipped with over 100 sets of high-precision CNC machines. XTJ assures you a superior in-house CNC machining capacity to ensure high-quality parts.

Here in XTJ , we have certified CNC machining facilities. Through CNC machining, we are able to offer rapid prototyping as well as low production volume of different parts. Additionally, XTJ offers custom CNC machining parts services according to your needs.

Aside from that, XTJ provides CNC machining parts services for different industries such as medical, oil and gas, aerospace, automotive, industrial, and more.

CNC Machining Parts Process Expert on China
5 axis cnc machining parts
5 axis cnc machining parts

Anodized cnc machining parts
Anodized cnc machining parts
aluminum cnc-machining parts
Aluminum cnc machining parts
Brass cnc machining parts
Brass cnc machining parts
Cnc complex machining-parts
Cnc complex machining-parts
Materials Used for CNC Machining Parts
XTJ carefully sourced high-quality materials for CNC machining parts to meet precise and demanding applications. XTJ uses different metals including:

Steel alloy
Stainless steel
Steel mild low carbon, and more
XTJ CNC Machining Parts Processes
XTJ has full capabilities of providing different CNC machining parts processing such as the following:

CNC Milling. XTJ uses CNC milling for faster end-use parts production and custom prototypes. We are equipped with 3-axis and 5-axis milling processes for producing different parts. CNC milling is mostly used for jigs and fixtures, functional prototypes, and low volume production of components.
CNC Turning. XTJ is an expert in CNC turning for manufacturing custom prototypes and parts. We use CNC turning for producing different parts with cylindrical, slots, radial holes, grooves, and flat features.
EDM or Wire EDM. XTJ is offering EDM services for pressure die-casting and injection molding. XTJ EDM services can provide tight tolerances and superior surface finish to the machined parts.
XTJ CNC Machining-Parts-Processes
XTJ CNC Machining for Complex Parts
CNC machined parts are varying in terms of complexity. Some parts require a simple design to complex curved geometries.

Here in XTJ, we are fully equipped with different types of CNC machines suitable for producing complex parts.

We have a complete set of CNC lathes. It is a 5-axis machining center or 3-axis CNC milling machine that is used for producing CNC parts with complex shapes.

Therefore, we assure that all CNC machined parts have accurate dimensions and tight tolerances.
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